Game freezes after Goliath race [PC]

So this is a bit of weird bug, but after completing a Goliath race I can usually play for about 10-15 more minutes before the game freezes. Music keeps playing but the game it totally frozen, no nothing, I think it CTD one time, but the subsequent times I just lots patience and killed the task and restarted the game.

So far I have been able to do a Goliath run, and then tried to do a second run and every time 5-10 min into the second run the game comes to a freeze. Done this 3 times to confirm that it does indeed freeze after a Goliath run.

I haven’t tried on my Xbox to see if the game hard locks like this on console, but I might give it a go tomorrow.

Anyone else getting this behavior after playing the Goliath?

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I was not able to finish the Goliath for similar reasons. I noticed some odd stuttering starting at around the 40 % mark… game froze at 93%. Had to force close from Process Manager.
It is definitely related directly to this race, as well. I get 100fps avg at ultra/extreme settings with the rare drop to 90 in highly populated areas… in open areas it’s closer to 130.

My system :

Win 10 Pro 21H1 (19043.1348)
Ryzen 7 3700x
RTX 3070 (driver 496,49)
32gb ram (3200mhz)
installed on a gen4 nvme

Literally 0 issues before this race

Also worth noting that on my second screen I am constantly monitoring my system resources and around the time of the stuttering I noticed my gpu usage drop sharply… and just before the game froze my usage dropped to like 45% and temps went back to idle. It’s like it just completely stopped using the gpu altogether.

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Yupp, getting the same thing. I’ve played for about 3 hours the first night I got the game. Unlocked the goliath race. loaded up a custom race and it crashes approximately halfway through lap 2 everytime. This race really seems to be bugging the game out.

Omg i’m not alone. I opened a 10 lap Goliath and its freezed at lap 8. So frustrating. :confused: Have to stop from process list.

first of all with regards to whoever said it was like the game stopped using their graphics card, the same thing has been happening to me since release, only on the goliath do i see the most amount of trouble. Also my game slightly freezes in the start game screen, the only way ive seen that unfreezes the game from that is opening up task manager while its frozen and itll fix the loading freeze or at least it has for me.

my PC specs:
i7 8700k (overlocked to a safe 4.30 - 4.32
RTX 2080 (driver 496.49)

with these alone im able to run most things like melting butter in a pan, but this game says screw your butter your having gravel and youll like it.
Also im not sure if anyone has noticed but the game drives and runs COMPLETELY different between PC and XBOX, I play on pc and my girl plays on my xbox, ive played since the first horizon title but we started playing the forza series together and finished FH4 just intime for this game to be released. Both using the Sesto Elemento Forza Edition with both cars using the exact same tune, and starting at the exact same time to the second, with the AI completely controlling both cars, PC AI throws you off the road and does whatever it can to get you to fall off the line or get stuck on a tree or rock without making it look like it did it on purpose, and starting both races at the same time, if i get lucky on PC and the AI does a completely clean and solid lap without crashing, both moving at 175-250MPH the whole race, xbox AI is faster by 2 minutes every lap, we wanted to see how far it would go and overnight we set them up for 50 laps completely AI, my car crashed every lap that contained the number 8 and 3, as well as the game froze at 27 laps and i had to fully restart my pc to close the game (it really said “NO” to task manager, task manager said the game closed but i would still be seeing it on my screen unless i Alt-F4)

Really this game was looking up, i understand it was just released and you guys are trying a new game engine, but this is your 5th title in this series, FH4 came out 4 years ago, yall had the time to be able to get this right but you treated this title like its the first title in a series with the amount of bugs and freezes, honestly this was truly disappointing bc all these other “racing/modifying” games are not open world and all so boring bc there is nothing new added unlike the horizon series but this hurts to say but for the first time im having buyers remorse over a horizon title, definitely wished i waited longer to buy it so i would actually be able to play it

Currently the PC version has a memory leak which is forcing the game to crash. This has been seen in hard freezes with messed up sound, complete video crash with background sounds and music happening to some people actually seeing errors. There was suppose to be a hotfix pushed out but they have ran into issues with it so they delated the fix until sometime next week, which i would assume would be Thursday since it would be server reset, but who actually knows.

I have tested as well on the Goliath race. I actually drove my car for 40 laps on goliath for almost 7 hours and froze on the 40th lap. Since then, I have froze at lap 2, 4, 17, and lately on lap 24.

Coincidentally I have also been frozen while tuning the car, while upgrading the car, and scrolling through accolades where you will hear the clicking of scrolling but absolutely no movement, and then a giant jump of movement. Also, I was froze during a wheel spin and not even sure what happened with that one.

Some events have froze the game like drift zones or certain event related races. Sometimes, the game will even stutter like a prefreeze.

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The same going for me just like u said. +1