Game Freeze + Crash

Hi guys, i’m playing the 14d game pass game cause i want to buy it for xmas, i’ve noticed that the game will always crash by getting a freeze and a grey screen, then it closes and get me to desktop.
This happens around at the same place, and i can just fix it by reinstalling all the game, but this is not a definitive fix, cause the problem will come back on another place.
I’m playing on PC with this configuration:
Asrock AB350M Pro4 (Latest bios)
Ryzen 3 1300x @4ghz
Rx580 8 gb (Latest driver)
8Gb Dual channel ddr4 3000mhz (custom xmp 1.4v 2933 16-16-32)

i’ve tried so many thing first to ask there, for example i tried to play with explorer.exe closed, by clearing the empty standby list, by upgrading paging file, playing with no oc setting, with other driver etc etc… But no one works for me, the just one that do something it’s reinstalling the game…
I don’t want to reinstall the game EVERY DAY, so, anyone knows how to fix this problem?
Sorry for my bad english