Game forgets last car used.

Since the March update, the game defaults to’ the ‘71 Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase II after launching game regardless of the last car used. This happens even after the last car used completed races in the last session.

Is this a known issue?

Additionally I have not received the Forza Hub weekly credits and have experienced crashes within the car selection screen. However, these issues are already posted elsewhere.

I only have the game forgetting my Nissan GTR FE, I always come back with the 2012 Mini John Cooper Works GP, it did that before the update so I don’t can’t blame that.

Its certainly not common as I’ve only seen a couple of posts on it so I’ve put it down to overusing it, 28.5 million CR earnings, about 44 hrs of driving it with over 8000 miles. Its not major hassle changing from the Mini to the Nissan every time I want to boost some CR+XP. It certainly has made me try cars that I wouldn’t drive usually so if its deliberately forgetting then it works.

Happens exclusively when the last car used is a DLC car.

Some gift cars may also cause this issue.

Thanks. You are correct. The issue appears to be limited to certain cars. In my case, the Maserati 1957 250F.

Therefore, it appears that I was wrong, and the issue is unrelated to the recent update.