game doesn't launch.

EDIT: New issue starting from 4th post in this thread

So I was putting some sort of livery on my car some time ago, and somehow the ticking sound which comes when you move a vinyl / vinyl group forgot itself on.
It’s been 12 hours since that started, I backed out of the game. returned, no it ticks constantly. I turned the console off. waited some time, turned in back on again, started forza, and the game started “ticking” again.

This ticking sound isn’t too loud, but it’s extremely annoying. I can hear it ticking over my engine, trough screeching tires, and in every loading screen. all the time while I’m in forza.

Any hints how to get that constant ticking off?

Instead of just turning it off, have you completed a complete shutdown of the console by holding the Xbox One’s power button (not the controller’s) until it turns off? This will clear the console’s cache and should fix the audio issue you are experiencing.

Thank you for the hint. That I have not done.
I just bought this console 48 hours ago… I still have some things to learn about it.

That went well, now the game doesn’t launch. =S

Don’t let that discourage you from using the hard reboot technique. You will find it will come in handy for a LOT of things on the X1! I think there is just too much stuff going on and WAY too much data cached. I try to do a hard reboot any time I plan on playing online and it has helped with everything from lag to that “robot chat” sound I used to get. If the game won’t launch after the reboot, it’s most likely that something was already wrong (obviously) and instead of loading a “broken session” of the game, it tried to launch the game like normal and whatever was broken is stopping it.

Try turning completely off and pulling the power plug from the back of the console for 15-30 seconds. If that doesn’t work, you may need to do a re-installation :frowning:

I missed this answer, but this was the thing that actually fixed it.

Thank you.

Glad you finally got it working. Yeah, if the hard reboot doesnt work, sometimes unplugging it for a while will do the trick. Those 2 things will come in handy with all the Xbox One “quirks” out there. Nothing major, but weird things tend to happen from time to time. If your Xbox just isn’t acting like you think it should… try these.

Well now after 3 hard reboots, uninstalling the game re-installing the game and 3 more hard reboots I can launch it. I’ll get the FM5 opening screen, turn 10 logo (without sound) microsoft offices logo (without sound) and after that I get black screen.
I actually thought that my TV had turned off first time that happened, but nope. It just isn’t going to allow me to play FM5…