Game crashing

Why in the . . Is the game crashing during forzathon? Ive now missed ten forzathon live events because of this.
Oh and didn’t you guys patch the sound issues? Cuz they are still happening.
P.s. good job on the audio update, cars still sound like crap

I mainly have crashes during a Forzathon, Fortunately not as many as the previous poster…

I get about 1 crash to dash in 2 days. The game is fun but very buggy for a console game. Crashes, paint jobs popping in very late and lets not get started with the annoying sound freezes.

Crash on speed/drift zones every time!

This is currently my crashing issue. I cannot even play the game. - YouTube

Any update on this? Still having this stupid issue in PC.

My game crashes during Forzathon Live events quite often. Almost always during the 3rd round (it once crashed during round 2). I haven’t yet found anything common between the events, seems not to be related to either season, car or location. It can basically happen anywhere, anytime.

It crashes on drift zones and sometimes speed zones for me.