Game crashes Xbox one x

Paid $100 for a game that doesn’t even play, crashes and shuts Xbox off at start menu. I’ve tried hard restarting and deleting my profile nothing is working

Same problem here, I have ultimate edition and can’t launch I see other people playing

I don’t have Xbox One X (just normal XB1) but my game crashes if I use photo mode which is really annoying & I hope it’s not something that continues because photo mode is a massive part of the game for me

I own a normal XB1 and my game crashes before I even get the chance to drive, at the exact moment where the game shows the front quarter of the Senna, game freezes and the text for Autumn appears. My only option is to close the game and try again, has happened about 5 or so times. I just hope I don’t have to re-install or wait a few days. Good luck to getting your game working everyone.

I’m afraid you will have to delete and download the whole game again. Cause I had the same issue like you tried the same things like you without success but after a fresh install it work now.

I’ve deleted it twice and still freezes

My Ultimate Edition won’t launch after install, shows splash screen then back to dashboard. Really pissed. Paid $140 Australian to get early access and I can’t even play.

the same thing happens to me, load the entrance and after nothing the game is closed, I also buy the ultimate edition, I have everything updated, I guess it is not our PCs, if not the game, that has some problems to load, let’s wait for tomorrow If there are more news or people with the same problem