Game crashes when trying to get a tune for my 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS FE

I just bought this car in the Auction House. When I got to Tuning & Upgrades > Get Tunes it crashes. Sometimes I can scroll through a few before it crashes and sometimes it crashes before I can even scroll through any. I can still hear the background garage noises but the game does no recognize any inputs. I cannot scroll through the tunes or back out or anything. I have to close the game via the Xbox Button and reload it. I removed the original tune and it does the same thing. I unplugged the Xbox for about 5 minutes to do a hard reboot and still crashes. I am not sure if there is a corrupted tune shared or what the deal is. I tried loading a tune from the pre-race menu and the main menu. I can load tunes for other cars just fine.

Playing on an original 1TB Xbox One. Help!

Here is a clip, where it stops is where it freezes.

Look at that Raceboy tune, 999,999,999 lbs weight. Hmmm

I unfollowed him so his tunes won’t come up first but still same problem.

Can anyone else try their donk and see if they have the same problem at least?