Game crashes when set to medium graphics

My game crashes when I set the graphics at Medium. My PC can handle the game well. I have an i5-6400 on 2,9GHz, 16GB RAM DDR4 2133MHz and an MSI GTX1050Ti GAMING X 4G. The game runs pretty well on Medium graphics, though the game sets itself to Low with Auto Config. Even on Medium my GPU is on 50-75%, my CPU is on 75-90%. Got 60-95fps, though I have to cap the fps to 60 because it’s loading textures if set to Variable. Is my PC a piece of trash, or is the game not as optimized as promised? Those hardware wasn’t cheap compared to their performance believe me.

It’s all well and good saying medium, but at what resolution? The PC I recently built for my girlfriend has an i5-3470 and a 1050ti and runs FH4 fine at medium at 720 resolution (it’s an old TV), but gets CTD’s on high, despite seemingly running it smoothly otherwise.

I play on 1366x768 resolution, maybe I just try 1280x720?