Game crashes when playing online.

Game crashes when playing online. ?? Everytime after about 15 20min

We may need a little more detail.

Does it crash and you’re loading into online, is it during online, did an error code come up?

Please could you submit a ticket with this information and attach any screenshots you may have,

RK, do you mind if I ask why there hasn’t been any official acknowledgement of this crashing problem? Ever since the Dec. 13th update, there has been multiple threads about the crashes, but I haven’t seen the issue being listed as “investigating”. The crashes happen everywhere…online, offline, freeroam, in races, in menus, in forzathon live events, both on the mainland and Fortune Island, and even just trying to start the game. CTD’s were rare before the last update, now they happen every hour or so, and even more frequently for some people. Many of us are losing races, forza points, and valuable time with all of the restarting we have to do. The crashes are getting so bad that many of us are starting to avoid playing FH4 because it is so annoying. PLEASE at least let us know that PG/T10 is looking into the problem.

Don’t bother my game just crashed Offline in the middle of a race AGAIN. Guys please we are begging you fix this. It’s almost been a week. Online or offline it doesn’t matter the game keeps crashing after the latest update and dlc came out. Thats all you need to know and yes I submitted a ticket.