Game crashes or PC freezes on first loading screen (first one when you run the game)

Hello. So, since I haven’t found that anyone have this issue, I had to open new thread. I’ve downloaded game yesterday, updated my AMD drivers to latest 16.5.1, opened the game, it starts, and at first loading screen, just after you sing in to the Xbox Live, game would crash after few minutes loading (with random freezes) or it would just freeze the entire PC to the point where I have to restart it manually. My PC isn’t really a gaming one, but it should be able to run the game on low details. It probably won’t run good even on low, but it should run. Can anyone help me?

had similar issues but on different hardware. can you confirm what refresh rate your monitor runs at? 60hz or more?

I’ve got the same issue and I supose the problem are the in my understanding very high minimal hardware reqirements of that game.

My hardware configuration:
CPU: i7 860
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 @ driver version 16.5.2

The minimal specs demand a much newer iteration of the CPU.

My prior thought, the GPU would have less memory than needed seems unlikely as my GPU has indeed 2GB of VRAM.

Thanks for the tip, sadly, it doesn’t seem to help either. I discovered, that several other apps on my system do crash as well, when they try to load a enbedded video. Ich don’t know, if these problems have something to do with each other but it seems likely. Unfortunately I have no solution for both of the problems.

Please post the full dxdiag info of your system.

But your i7 860 (8x 2,8 GHz) is almost 7 years old, and even people with the ‘much newer’ 2600k (8x 3.4 GHz) having problems.

Welcome to the fantastic world of pc gaming … :frowning:

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First of all, thank you for your help.

I know that the CPU is quite old, but it did well so far. When I start the game, the CPU isn’t even fully occupied.
On the other side, the HD7800 series supoorts officially parts of DX12 and the required R7 isn’t much more than a rebrand of that generation.

Here’s my dxdiag info

I just searched for some kind of log for the app in hope it would have logged some more details, but neither in the %ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps nor in the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Packages folder of the app I could find any logfile.

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Please update to this GPU driver version if possible.

If the different driver is not working, … do you have a friend with a newer GPU, to test it in your system, if your CPU can handle it at all.
If yes, there’s still the possibility to flash the bios of your GPU to a different (newer) card, because like you already stated, the hardware of the 7850, R7 270 and R7 370 is the same.


I tried the driver you suggested, but it makes no difference. Maybe the CPU or GPU is really too old or simply both are.
Interesting is though, that the CPU usage never exceeds 55% untill the app crashes.

Games like Dirt Rally on the other hand run with full settings at 1080p nearly at 30fps without any problems.
But since this is the first UWP Game I’m trying out on this machine and considering all the performance issues UWP games like Quantum Break had so far, I think the game will simply not run on my older hardware.

I’d like to thank you though for your efforts and time!