Game crashes on startup splash screen.

Hello, I just bought the game yesterday and the game crashes after launching a few seconds later, I have tried every trick I can search on the internet. I don’t have MSI afterburner nor any overclocking software installed, I reset the Windows Store so many times, I disabled developer mode, I updated my graphics card driver to date, I updated my windows to date, I also downloaded the game with full 64.5 GB with no missing files and I uninstalled Geforce experience or any other software might provide an overlay to the game. I also try to launch the game in the built-in administrator account, tried resetting the game’s data, disabling the Windows firewall and antivirus, I also tried unplugging my headphones and disabling the sound driver.

Any solution to the problem? The problem look something like this: - YouTube

Here are my PC specs:
CPU: Intel I7 7700HQ CPU
Graphics Card: MSI NVIDIA GTX 1050 with 4GB Memory
SSD: 117GB
HDD: 911GB