Game Crashes - Have to start demo completely over

This happened twice now and I am setting the game down so I do not get more frustrated. The first time, I had finished the first 2 races and was doing the first stunt race. turned around a corner and game crashed. Had to replay all the way through again. Second time was just after finishing the first stunt race while I was on my way to the next race (3rd normal race). I drifted into a car and it crashed. Restarted and it began the intro again for me to have to restart. I force shut down the game. Not sure if this is an autosave issue (or lack of) or if I needed to save somewhere. I tried looking to see if I could and found nothing. Please fix this as it (so far) has made the game unplayable past the first 3 races.

It doesnt save so there is no autosave issue
Are you playing on PC or xbone
Have you tried a full power cycle since installing

Playing on PC. There is no saving at all in the demo? So every time I launch I have to restart?
I have not tried a full power cycle yet but my computer shuts off every night so I’m going to give it another shot today.

yep , every single time you restart it starts again from the beginning
it’s a demo that’s how they are and all previous forza demos have been the same, there is no save