Game Crashes EVERY time I try starting/entering a race or randomly PC.

First off, my PC has a 1080Ti with 64GB of RAM, so I don’t think the specs are the problem. When I tried playing the demo, I couldn’t transition between seasons without crashing on extreme settings, so I turned everything to low, changed my resolution to 720p, and made Forza a high priority in my task manager and it let me play the demo fully. Now on the full game I can get in the game, drive around, but no matter how I have my settings, I can’t start events, join events or switch between seasons. If I leave my house I can’t even go back in it without crashing. All I can do is drive around, but randomly, the game crashes even doing that. I have tried messing with all my sound settings and all my drivers are up to date so I don’t know what to do now someone please help.

I don’t have a solution, but I do have the same problem, it’s not your pc, bc my Xbox does the same thing when I try to start an event, I just got the game two days ago.

I was crashing randomly and i read online disabling microphone can fix it. haven’t crashed for an hour so far