Game crashes back to launch screen upon startup (Xbox)

The game crashes back to the launch screen upon startup, it only gets as far as the T10 or Microsoft Studios intros. I was only able to successfully launch the game one time before the issue arose. The issue started after I had just listed a car at auction when I was called away, I came back a few hours later and the game was frozen. I restarted the console and the game hasn’t successfully launched since. I’ve done a full uninstall with fresh download and reinstall, deleted the local save data, hard rebooted the console and disconnected the power for 15 min, nothing has worked. I assume it’s a bad save file in the cloud but I can’t launch the game offline to verify as it’s the digital download version. Please help!

Same problem Bud and they don’t have any answers.


Can you please email with a quick summary of your experience with this issue so we can troubleshoot and gather some additional info from you?