Game crashes after starting it!

I juste finished to instal the forza horizon 4 ultimate edition, and when i try to start it, the game crashes just after first loading screen (like 5 seconds)…
PC Specs : i7 8700k / 1080ti / 32gb ddr / windows 10 pro
Demo version worked for me with no problem… Kinda disapointed after paying 100 euros on a game :slight_smile:

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Same issue. Tried everything I’ve seen posted on this issue. Nothing is working. Used to work after a reboot, but no longer. Really frustrating to say the least.

Also same issue. Except mine worked fine before last patch. Tried all the usual tricks and suggestions in other threads. Tried writing to support but I doubt they will ever respond

Do you have MSI Afterbuner or EVGA Precision installed?

If so there is an issue with RivaTuner Statistics Server that causes the problem you are describing. Try closing out of those softwares completely and see if you can launch. If you are able to launch with them closed then what you need to do is go into RivaTuner Statistics Server and turn “Application Detection Level” to None.

Unfortunately with newer versions of EVGA Precision that functionality is built right in so you would need to downgrade to at least version 4.2.1 otherwise you’ll have to completley close Precision.

There is also the possibility of an intervening virus scanner. Or Windows Spacial Sounds is on, causing it to crash instantly. Or multiple audio output devices are connected, causing it to crash…