Game crashed and corrupted my save. Syncing from cloud gives me "the profile is no longer available"

After a crash I experienced this morning my game would not load, so I reset it in the windows app settings.
I immediately prepared for the worst so I managed to grab a copy of my save from a separate computer I had installed the game on over a week ago.
Back on my main PC I star the game and it asks to sync form the cloud, so I let it hoping to get my file on no problem.

“The profile you are trying to load is no longer available E:47-0” and adds a link to a dead website.

So I try copying over the profile form my other pc in appdata/local/packages/Microsoft.OpusPG_8wekyb3d8bbwe/systemappdata/WGS/ and both the numbered folder and the t folder

start my game with my internet disabled the game loads up into a new game with the mclaren senna.

I tried with the internet on and it asks to sync form cloud or load the machines save to the cloud. so I download it form cloud again and same error, (I didnt want to upload a fresh save to the cloud by accident)

I am just sitting here with 4 month old save game wiped. I only play this game when my younger brother who is over 2000 miles away is on and its the only thing we ever do together anymore. Id prefer not to have to grind up several months of progress in all my spare time as that is very rare.

I just want my progress back. I can upload the files to help out with the recovery if need be, and yes I opened a support ticket, but I dont want to wait 4+ weeks for this to get resolved.


My pc specs are

CPU; Intel 4790k -Liquid cooled
GPU; Nvidia Geforce 1080ti
Ram; 32Gb Ram 1866mhz
Game is running off of a samsung 850 evo ssd, but I have several other ssds and hdds in my pc.

Please help,this really sucks.

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Did you read the post? I already did that. Still waiting.

I am currently having the same issue.

I tried opening the game with no internet, played a bit of the intro, and quit the game.

I tried booting it up with internet but still crashes after i click “enter”.

My save game is prestiged and i have 30 million credits so it would really suck if i lost all that. I am shocked that it is this easy for a cloud save to become corrupted and devs need to do something about this.

I just uninstalled the game since I couldn’t fix the issue but if there is a defiite fix i will reinstall.

Very dissapointed having so many problems with a $100 game.

I cannot believe that this is such a widespread issue with no fix. FH5 better not have any microsoft cloud integration otherwise Im not picking it up. Its far too easy to lose 200+ hours worth of progress in 10 seconds.

Have exactly the same problem. A corrupted cloud savefile with a lot of hours. I almost have 550 cars with only 2 or 3 of the same model. All story done, all houses bought, soooo many expensive and worse than that, rare cars.
All (probably lost) because of an error uninstall of the game last week, have written to the support now 2 tickets because i love the game and want to play it. Dont get any answer on the tickets, not even a “were are trying to find a solution” that would be very nice atleast.
I also tried to reload the cloud save starting a bit of the game offline but it doesnt work, it says the same error:
Invalid Profile
The Forza Horizon profile you are trying to load is no longer available. For more information, please visit support, Error Code E:47-0

My PC specs are:
Intel(R) Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Feal you bro, its really annoying this…
Have you still not got an answer?