Game crashed after Barn Find

This hasn’t happened just once, it’s like a one in four chance, regardless of whether I’m playing PC or Xbox One. It’s not just me either and it’s not something new. Currently there has been no mention of a fix for this bug. It’s really ridiculous and it reminds me how Microsoft just doesn’t seem to care. Lets not even start with the fact my gametag became the first part of my email, which just happens to be my real name and I wasn’t the one who switched it, apparently it was switched when a customer service agent was crediting me for half of an unauthorized charge on my account. Said charge led to me quitting Xbox for five years, only just recently coming back. I’m just glad I caught it before I let my kids play the game. Oh and Xbox denies changing my gamertag, apparently I chose to switch it to my real name, and no, they wont credit me the charge for the new gamertag. #whydidIswitchfromplaystation anyone?

So your real name is twinneriscool2
That’s weird

No. I changed my gamertag so it wasn’t using my real name.