Game Crash while trying to purchase a car

After trying to purchase a regular car from the Car Show, the game crashed 2 times in a row now
After selection of design - while pressing the final confirmation button.

Buying cars before the patch worked for me.

Same here

Same :frowning: It’s the worst oof.

Its not just purchasing cars, I had the game crash when trying to paint the 14 Fiesta and 68 Mustang

When i tried buying another Fiesta to see if that crashes it killed my game with an error on the fh5.exe file that wont let me start the game and I am reinstalling to hopefully fix it

This is on PC btw

reinstalling fixed the game in terms of starting but still getting crashes in the paint shop, this time when painting the SVJ;s wheels.

Someone suggested it might be the latest nvidia drivers but the ‘roll back’ option is greyed out on my driver properties


Same problem