Game crash on the hour, every hour

Since the Fortune Island content update my game has been crashing to Xbox Desktop every hour, usually on the hour. I do NOT have the Fortune Island DLC therefore I assume there is a little bug that creeped in with the DLC content update. Forzathon LIVE is also on the hour, every hour, so I’m sure you can see why this is doubly annoying

Mine haven’t been very regular, but I suffered 6 crashes to the dashboard in about 5 hours, so it does average out. It’s annoying for me mostly because the crashes happen at any time. FH3 crashed a ton for me too, but only ever on loading screens, so I got used to the gamble of initiating a load screen. There is no such consistency here, this game crashes like it wants to compete with my Bethesda collection for the title of “worst performing AAA game I own” and Fortune Island has made it significantly worse

It has also compounded the horrible audio bugs and engine noise dropping out, which is just interminable. Either I have no engine sound at all and have to use an Auto transmission, or, the sound gets stuck at the most annoying possible time, like an F50 GT at maximum revs with a bit of tyre squeal in there too, just looping for minutes on end. This is a first party game but it sure doesn’t seem like it

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Game is crashing for me every forzathon event since the update.

Just adding to this. The latest crash (right in the middle of Forzathon Round 2) just happened and now I have a black screen playing the music you hear when game loads “Syncing Data for Forza Horizon 4” but guess what? It isn’t… I sat here for the last five minutes watching the bar flash across the screen but ZERO syncing…

Mine got progressively worse, now it freezes at the loading screen (after pressing A) and crashes. Can’t even play :sweat:

The symptoms sound like a memory leak. Are all of you playing on console?

I can’t answer for the others, obviously, but I am…

Yes. Console. It seems to be ok now.

Well I know this doesn’t help you right now but if it is a memory leak they should push an update out pretty quick to fix it. We had a really bad one in the first update on PC and I think they patched it within three days. If it is a memory leak, making sure you completely close out of the game before launching it again (highlight game icon, Xbox menu button, close) should at least prolong the time in between crashes.

Likesadrink: I was also experiencing the forza crashes when starting a forzathon at one point but it was because I didn’t have the latest update of the game. I would make sure you do, because if you are on an older release it will just boot or crash you out of any online racing or forzathons.

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Hey, yeah, I thought about that. I’ve the latest update (or at least, the latest my console is showing me… it’s the one that added the Fortune Island DLC) so it does seem I’m similar to others in that the “predictable” crashes on the hour (during forzathon) seem to be happening after this update.

OK I dunno if it’s been fixed or if it’s because I did a hard reset but either way it seems to have settled right down again.

IF it was the hard reset I did this: How to do a Hard Restart on Xbox One - Xbox One Wiki Guide - IGN

IF it was a quick fix ( 10 or so hours is fairly quick) then well done team!


Spoke too soon, it just died again…

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Yeah mine ran fine until the last forzathon and crashed again. Not gonna bother with it until they announce something.

Same here. Ever since the update and release of Fortune Island, my game keeps crashing literally every other Forzathon Live event, usually in the middle of round 3. I haven’t gone back to the mainland yet to see if it happens there as well.

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I’m getting the same on the mainland. Gonna give the game a break for now.

Sounds like a plan. I’ve put in a ticket but if it’s anything like the one I put in about two months back I WON’T expect an answer…

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i put a ticket in about this problem at start of the month and still waiting for a reply as i have giving the game a break and bought a other racing game off a other company to play may even see if assetto corsa is not broken yet as im fed up with the game crashing on my xbox one x every hour

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You lot realise the more this happens, the longer it goes on, the LESS inclined I become to actually spend money right?

Good God! I never thought I’d say it but I might just have to go back to The Crew…

my game keeps freezing

For reference: I’ve been playing for about 2 hours today and it’s been fine so far. Both mainland and FI

Got the expansion update update yesterday. Haven’t gone into the expansion yet, just playing regular UK. FH4 Horizon on Xbox One keeps freezing up and sending me back to dashboard anywhere from 30-60min. Happens during play or during game pause(Horizon menus). Never had this issue before getting the update yesterday.