Game crash in upgrade menu!?

I did play the game for a few hours without problems. Then the next day i played again and the game crashed in the upgrade menu!?

There are also frame rate issues.

During a other play session the game did not load a race it kept loading > had to abort the session.

Hopefully somebody can help me with this issue …

There is still a memory leak bug that’s not fixed yet. if you do alot of “cosmetic” stuff in menu’s (rim’s, paint etc), or simply browsing cars alot, you will crash eventually.

If i pimp one of my rides :slight_smile: and i want to save my profile > the game keeps saving and saving … :frowning:
I have to abort the game if i want to play the game again. The same “memory” bug?

I know right? I have the same problem, and it is really annoying when you buy a game for 100+$. Hope they fix the bug soon. It annoys me that you can`t choose aftermarket wheels either, without the game crashing.