Game crash after 'ENTER' is pressed at the Menu.

Hi all,

Pretty much what I’ve been experiencing the last month is my FH4 game crashing after pressing ‘ENTER’ at the main menu screen. This has only been a problem since the start of April or around that time, I have waited for an update to fix this issue and have submitted multiple tickets and exchanged emails with support before they eventually stopped replying.
It loads for a second and I see the welcome message at the bottom left with my username, then it crashes with a small audio stutter back to desktop.

So far I’ve tried:

  • All “fixes” posted on the official forum
  • Re-install GPU drivers, even tried different versions
  • Removing all background apps/services
  • A clean boot to rule out app compatibility issues
  • Re-installed the game twice (All 70gb of it)
  • Windows store and Xbox app reset
  • Unplugging all sound devices
  • Removed overclocks on GPU and CPU
  • Disabling SLI

At the moment I can’t play the game at all which sucks because I purchased the ultimate edition for $140 last year.
If anyone has anymore information feel free to share. FM7 Works just fine.



CPU: i7 4790K
RAM: 16gb HyperX 4x4gb
SSD boot drive.
HDD for games etc.


Signing in with an alternate account in the XBOX app lets the game work perfectly, however starting from scratch and losing over 100 levels and cars.
Going back to my main account the same crash appears after pressing enter.

Fingers crossed for a fix soon.