Game crahes to desktop while loading after latest events

Finished the first of todays two events and the game crahes when I was returning to the main menu, and now every time I start the game it loades for a little while the just crashes/closes itself.
Any idea on how to fix this?

Mines doing exactly the same. It was perfectly fine up until I finished the first of today’s events.

Same here :frowning:

Mines too

Got it working by starting the game from the windows store :).

Wow nice one, worked for me but it seems to have reset the graphics settings. Hopefully they’ll be a patch out to fix this soon.

Not working for me :frowning:

Nice one. I’ll give that a try later.

Same issue for me as well, was working fine and then just stopped working.
Cannot start the game from any local shortcuts or from the Store

Had the same issue as everyone else here, and the windows store fix worked for me too

Thank you for reporting your issue. We will pass along the information.

if you just keep trying to load it, the game will set graphics to low/dynamic, and then load. it does not matter how you launch it. keep trying and it will eventually load, mostly after 3/4 times