Game Crahes to Dashboard while loading Laguna Seca [XBOX]

The game constantly crashes to dashboard when trying to load a race at Laguna Seca. Issue first started in Career Mode on last race of Historic Road Racing while using the Ford Mustang '71. I have tried loading Laguna Seca in Free Play using the same car & other cars but same thing happens during the loading screen it just crashes out and closes the game.

Have you hard reset your console since installing yet

Yes I have tried resting by full shutdown in the settings menu and unplugging console from wall makes no difference game still crashes on trying to load Laguna Seca in all modes

Same on Suzuka for me… I can’t play the career. How fix it ?

Have you tried turning your console off and back on fully yet…including pulling out the power cable from the wall

Nothing change… But thanks anyway

I tried to clear the cache and delete my save. But I’ll try this

It’s only on Suzuka, when it’s raining the game crash but when it’s sunny the game don’t load up the textures, it’s just an… I don’t really know… empty track. That’s weird

Well T10 don’t seem interested in helping out any of us with this problem so I decided to delete the game and reinstall and try loading this course again… Bingo! it works. Good thing I have no Data Cap Allowance.

I had the same issue with Homestead in the rain. The first time it spent 5 minutes loading. The second time it froze and the third time it dashboarded me. I believe it was for the Sport Compact career series if that’s of any help. And I also had the game downloaded to a external hard drive. I ran another series with no problems until I got to Dubai where the surrounding landscape began to glitch. So I’ve uninstalled the game and am currently re-downloading it to the internal hard drive. Will update in this thread if the problem persists on the second try.

After downloading the game again i was able to complete the sport compact race. Maybe something happened during the download phase previously but all seems well as of now.