Game cannot start but showing Gaming Service in Windows Store

I launched Microsoft Store by accident, and it updated “Gaming Service” automatically. After that, I can’t launch the game, just like in this video. The video wasn’t uploaded by me, and the guide does not work. Reinstalling the package can’t solve the problem. The game no longer recognizes the installed gaming service.

If you open task manager, do you still see 2 processes called “gamingservices.exe” and “gamingservicesnet.exe” ?

Check your Windows Services
right click start - run - type “services.msc”
then find the gamingservices, they should be on automatic.

Yes they are running (services (Auto) and processes).

Hmm i see, well if you also tried those powershell commands and registry fixes from that video you posted, then i wouldn’t know what else could cause it.

Maybe you can try in windows “settings - apps” to also repair / reset the microsoft store and forza horizon 5.

Repaired by reinstalling the whole game. It quite took some time.

is a reinstall neccesary?
got the same problem
is there no other solution?

did reinstall fix it?