Game auto dashboards while saving a design. Quit worthy?

So I just spent a few hours on a KARR for the 87 Pontiac, which is an alternate KITT from Knight Rider. There are some KITT’s already on the designs for that car. There are no KARR’s, and I made my front scanner much more clean than the ones for the KITT’s, AND I made god damn T-Tops. I wanted it for my personal Lambo V12 swapped S2/947 Pontiac, and also was going to share it, and I believe it would have been a most used for that car, getting me some credits here and there.

So as saving the design, the game auto dashboards, and of course as I figured the design is not on the car. I have had this god damn game dashboard on me in some scary moments, like buying a car from auction, or other things where you’re just boned if the game messes up like that. But I’ve had teh correct credits, or car I bought. But this? I’m ready to never play this game again. I could probably make it quicker this time, since I know everything I did, but making designs (FOR ME) is NOT fun. Sucks right up there with damn off road races.

Im craigslisting this game right now.


Thanks for your feedback.