Gallery only looking for FH4 pics


I’ve gone on to my gallery under the community tab to download pics from Forza 7 last night, but its only looking for FH4 pics? How can I get all my pics across the games as before?


Looks like T10 changed the way the website organizes photos but didn’t add an option to switch which game is displayed. If you look in the address bar, you should see the game it is displaying. For example, my gallery for Horizon 4 has this address:

Change the title to a different game to see the pics from that gallery (FM for motorsport, FH for Horizon). For example, to view my Forza 7 gallery:


Cheers Cerrax :slight_smile:

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Anyone seeing ANYTHING right now? I can’t get images to load for anyone or any game?

^^ no content

Same on my page

^^ Currently no content. I even switched to FM4, FM5, FM6, FM7, FH3, FH2 and don’t see anything…

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All images have disappeared. In the morning, only photos from FH4 were displayed. In addition, all images from FH4 are loaded in Full HD instead of 4K. Although earlier in FM7 and FH3 photos were uploaded to the site in 4K resolution. Perhaps at the moment the developers are working on all these problems. It is worth the wait.

A developer did respond in another thread that the photo storage was indeed changed but they haven’t quite got the website up to date yet. As a result, there are some difficulties with the Gallery pages until they get it sorted out.


Kinda explains why the livery/photo contest for F7 was postponed until the 10th… hard to submit pictures when you can’t get at 'em.

So sad for us, but I guess I’m kinda getting used to it.