G923 wheel not detected without vjoy and emuwheel. Does yours work without any extra software?

Hey all,

FH5 only seems to recognize my wheel when I have vjoy installed an emuwheel running. I thought with the latest patch I wouldn’t need to use it. I tried uninstalling vjoy, but I don’t see a wheel at all in the preferences. When I have vjoy and emuwheel running, it shows up.

Do you have a Logitech G923 that works in windows without having to do anything extra?

I don’t have a G923, but I do have a thrustmaster TMX and FH5 see’s the wheel and I can use it, but there is absolutely no force feedback and the settings in game do absolutely nothing.

I have a G923. I’m just running the standard Logitech GHub stuff. Win10 Pro.

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Hmm, and I’m assuming you just installed everything regularly. Did you ever have vjoy or forza emu wheel installed? I wonder if something is left over from vjoy that’s messing up my install.

I run a G920. Not exactly the same wheel but close. No issues whatsoever.