G920 Wheel Too Stiff To Drift

Hello all! I am new to these forums but I do have a decent bit of forum experience. Anyways, let’s get to what this post is about, the infamous G920. My G920 Wheel seems to be somewhat difficult to turn and I am unable to drift. I do NOT want to turn the degrees of rotation down, I like it at 900. I do have previous wheel experience with my Fanatec CSR setup I used to run on Forza 4, so drifting with a wheel is nothing new to me. With my CSR, I was able to turn forceback completely off on the wheel itself which made the wheel very easy to turn with little resistance. The wheel felt like it hadn’t even been plugged in in the first place, and that’s how I like it. When i’m in a lobby on Forza 6 during intermission, the wheel is easy to turn and how I like it. But when I get in a game, the wheel stiffens up a bit and makes it more difficult to turn and much harder for me to drift without giving myself a workout. I HATE this! Is there any possible way for the wheel to become less stiff so I can drift easy without turning down degrees of rotation to drift? I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read this and I would absolutely love some replies on this to help me out. Thank You!

Hi, you need to go to the controller settings in the game main menu and then press X to go to advanced settings. There you can adjust ffb power and vibration power. You can turn it completely off or have it just with a little ressistance.