G920 Clutch problem

I’ve seen other comments about this but anyways, title tells pretty much.

Using G920 with H-Shifter and encountering terrible clutch problems, game doesnt register my clutch going 100% unless i really smash it in, changing deadzone doesnt help.

It gets stuck around 98.7 or 99.0% and i get terrible grinding sound when changing gears. Only when smashing whole clutch in (not good for pedals) with force it gives me 100%.

Working fine in FH3, Assetto Corsa etc… so must be FH4 bug. Anyone else experiencing same bug/happened to fix it?

The Gear grinding seems to be a bug, as some cars (most have it and some don’t). When I put the back dead zone at about 60% it worked for me. You can also adjust the sensitivity in the Logitech Software. On P.C.

The dead zones are bugged on PC. They dont save no matter the settings. I use a thrustmaster wheel and cant change them in the drivers so I just deal with the grind when I shift too fast. I think logitech software you can change the deadzones.

Im having issues to with the same wheel on xbox one x. The wheel is useless is ok to race but as soon as you try to drift you can slide it but cant counter and catch it. Looking at the telemetry the wheel rotation icon doesnt move all the way to opposite full lock. Hope they fix