G29 centering spring always on


I dowloaded forza horizon 5 yesterday and i turned all the force feedback down cause i like playing with less. But i noticed that even when i have centerig spring off in forza and in Logitch ghub its still on.

i havent found a fix yet.

Does anyone have the same issue and can some one help?

Pls help!

think there is some checkbox in ghub
sit in your car switch to ghub turn the “blabla centerspring in nonffb game” on/off
reading your post means u want it checked/on to prevent ffb so it overrides with the val from there.
create profile for it in ghub and assign to forzahorizon5.exe (think thats the hardest part its hidden in windowsapps folder if u play via msstore version)

or abuse the bug :smiley: switch between wheel and controller it removes ffb until restart