G-Sync support, not working

So, a few months back a Windows 10 update added the ability to disable V-Sync for UWP games, and also use G-Sync.

I own a few UWP games (Quantum Break, Gears of War), and G-Sync works flawlessly, even before the W10 update adding it officially.

But in Forza 6 Apex it does not work.

I’m using a 144 Hz screen, I can display a bar showing the current refresh rate, in the other UWP games it fluctuates, just like any other games, but in Forza 6 Apex it stays at 144 Hz, even if the game’s built-in FPS counter shows FPS going from 80-144 FPS if it’s unlocked.

Thus, the game stutters and I have to set my screen to 120 Hz and lock the game to 60 FPS to have a smooth game.

It’s like the game’s window always refreshes at the screen’s refresh rate instead of the game’s FPS, just like other games (and UWP games) do.

I home this can be fixed, and that Forza Horizon 3 will not suffer from that.

sounds like the game is running in borderless and not fullscreen (exclusive).

Even in borderless or windowed GSync works now, as long as this option is enabled, which is the case.

UWP games don’t use exclusive fullscreen but something new between exclusive and borderless.

couple of quick questions…

Do you have more than 1 monitor?
Do you have vsync enabled in game or the NV control panel? Sometimes vsync can effectively disable gsync.

I know UWP doesnt use exclusive, and while gsync will work in windowed/borderless it generally performs better in fullscreen exclusive.

Hmmm… I also have 1440p@144hz G-Sync. When frame rate is unlocked, I get micro-stutter with and without G-Sync enabled. Best compromise is to set performance target to dynamic and it will run at half refresh rate V-sync (72 fps). This works with G-Sync enabled and gives a smooth experience. But yeah, G-Sync is indeed broken as you can only get a smooth experience when the game is forcing its own V-sync.

Sorry I can’t really help but wondered what bar you are using to monitor the refresh rate at any given moment?

Might be worth a try in full screen mode by the way.

Most GSync screens include a setting to enable a bar showing the current refresh rate, so in games and some apps, it’s directly showing the current FPS of the game as GSync make the screen refresh at the exact same rate as the game FPS.

It’s not an overlay, it’s built into the screen so it work in any app. For example when I watch a video at 30 FPS on Youtube and put it in fullscreen, GSync kicks in and the screen refreshes at 30Hz to match the video perfectly.

But Forza 6 Apex always forces 120Hz (when my screen is set to 120Hz max) even if it shows less FPS with the ingame FPS counter. Where all the other UWP games I own uses GSync, thus the screen’s Hz matches the game’s FPS and I get no stutter at all.