Future Series 14+ Content Update Theory

I don’t know if anyone has talked about this but since Update 13 was all about a certain manufacturer, Porsche, it’s reasonable to infer than we will be getting another focused manufacturer for more or every update to come. Some could be Chevrolet, Audi, Subaru and also Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. This could make it to where they give us the wishlist cars we’ve been dying to have. Hopefully, if this is true, it’ll make everyone relax about the cars they want, cause chances are, the manufacturer of the car they want might be in the spotlight in the future.

I hope so, considering they literally copy and pasted the C7 ZR1 from the Z06, and copied cars like the i8 and roadster, 650s and spyder, camaro zl1 and zl1 1le, the huracan performonte seems right up their ally for cutting and pasting cars, just change the front/rear bumpers on the huracan, add a spoiler, a little interior trim, adjust the performance, and there’s the performonte for FH4, so many people would be happy, same with the 488 pista based on 488 gtb. Don’t get how they’re adding things like the Rimac or zerouno before exotics like performonte and pista

Well, you seemed to directly describe how the Performante is different compared to the regular Huracan. That’s exactly what the Performante is. All I’m hoping for when the Performante comes is for the car sound to be a bit more aggressive. But I’m 99% sure that’ll never happen.

haha yeah I didn’t even bother mentioning cut and pasted car sounds. yep, in my opinion in FH4, the performonte would be as different from the huracan as the C7 ZR1 is from the Z06, meaning just a copied car with tweaked visuals and performance, seems easier than making a whole new car to add to game

Back to OP topic, I would take back every criticism of the developers if we had a Ferrari series and or Lamborghini series for four seasons, but sadly I highly doubt that. Also where is Audi? The newest audi in game is 4 years old and FM7 didn’t get any Audi road car DLC.
Series focusing on some of the main manufactures would be awesome I agree.

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Is it too hard for you to spell ‘Performante’ properly ? A car you so desperately want and ye cannae even spell its name. Jesus.

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Speculation wishlist thread is speculation wishlist thread.
There is no reason to expect manufacturer based updates based on one update out of thirteen. They could easily have the next one focused on muscle cars or track toys etc.
This is how rumours begin and then people get pi**y when they don’t actually appear because they never existed in the first place.


This is just a theory. No need to get mad about it. I never said it was guaranteed. For me, it’s fun to guess and speculate. If people get mad that their wanted car isn’t in the game it’s not my fault because THE THEORY IS NOT CONFIRMED. Take the theory with a grain of salt. There might not be a manufacture based update for here on out but it’s fun guess, right?

I’m not mad, it just bemuses me that these threads keep popping up. Time and time again.
And almost every time they devolve into an argument because some people think it’s real, some people think it’s stupid, some people think it’s a good idea, some people think it is impossible etc etc.
Given that the Porsche license was taken of off EA because they abused their position, it makes sense that microsoft would want to promote it. That is not the case for other manufacturers though.
There was a massive furore on these forums when we found out that Porsche was gone from Forza, now it’s back they are pushing it with this update for whatever reason (We don’t know and never will).


Porsche was in FH2. That’s pretty far back. We also had Porsche packs and/or expansions in FH2, FM6, and FH3 before they became standard. I doubt they are still pushing Porsche after 3+ years while they’ve become the norm now. Porsche likes to partner up with Forza a lot it seems, and so does Lambo and McLaren. Playground could be pushing them in the future too.

You’re right, Porsche still stands out when it comes to new cars though.
FM7 got the 911 RSR + 718 GT4 Clubsport free for everyone, FH4 got the 992 911 + now the Macan Turbo debuted with a Forza trailer.
They obviously like to put their brand new cars in Forza as soon as possible and for as many players as possible.
Can’t really say the same about the others. And I’m not talking about hero cars. They’re on a par when it comes to hero cars (Senna, Centenario, GT2 RS). EDIT: Noope, I forgot about the P1 and the Huracan! My bad :stuck_out_tongue: Still, Porsche has not been in most games of the franchise, so this is hard to compare anyway.

I still like the theory of “manufacturer themed” months though!

Porsche was standard in FM 1-3, 4 had an expansion, 5 was absent, 6 had an expansion, and 7 was the hero car year. FH 1 was absent, 2 had an expansion, 3 was a toss up, and 4 is standard. So like

5 standard
5 non-standard
1 tie breaker

I might be wrong, I’m going off quick google searches but the 3.3 is a car with a long history within the franchise. So I’m going off that. Lol. But 5:5 is still a good ratio with what EA had.

I don’t believe PG is still pushing Porsche this hard still. I might be wrong. But manufacturer themed series? I can get with that. I wouldn’t even care what manufacturer with what car, it would bring some interesting bits with it regardless.

The fact that Retro said “interesting” has me wondering about it now.


Can we haz an update dedicated to YUGO…!!!

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You realize Forza/Microsoft and Porsche signed a 6 year deal back in 2017… If other manufacturers want exclusive large releases all it takes is a bunch of lawyers, contract language, and money (from either the developer or manufacturer, depending on the circumstances). More importantly the deal was a sign of the end to Electronic Arts stranglehold on Porsche through their exclusive rights agreement with them.