Funny thing happened on the way to the finish line…

(EDIT: Sorry, thought this was the FM6 forum)

Well, I thought I’d share this story. It’s from Horizon 2 (Yeah, I know, this is FM6). But nothing funny ever happens in FM6… right?

OK, so I’m getting ready to start an online race, it’s a Scramble – part Asphalt, part Dirt. I’m very familiar with this track, actually my favorite track, and I’m driving my Ferrari GTO which is my best A Class All-round Racer; not the fastest, but the best combination of power and grip.

Well, as luck would have it, I’m in starting position one. Now I know many of you FM6 racers are thinking “cool!” but in Horizon, being in the pole position only means your going to be the first one slammed into the wall.

Well, luckily I survived turn one, although almost everyone else piled up, that is, except position two racer… let’s call him “Einstein”. Well, Einstein is a fast racer and quickly catches up to me. And Einstein wants to win… real bad. He keeps banging on my rear bumper throughout the race. I gave him plenty of opportunities to pass me, but he wanted MY LINE!

Well, finally we are approaching the last turn and he decides that I am going to move, one way or another. So he hits my rear just hard enough to cause my rear wheels to loose grip. Luckily I was able to save it but by the time I regained control, Einstein was a good 4 or 5 lengths ahead of me.

Einstein easily passes the finish line and, of course, slams his brakes and does a 180 spin to prove his dominance over me. As I pass the line, his headlights glaring at me, I start laughing. Although Einstein passed the line ahead of me, he neglected to look at his lap counter. We had ONE MORE LAP TO GO!!!

I almost didn’t finish the race because I was laughing so hard…

Any (funny) stories to share?