Fully Upgraded Hellcat Tuning

Hey, I just fully upgraded my hellcat, and it is a little (by that I mean extremely) hard to handle. I was wondering what tunes you guys would do to make the handling better, without sacrificing too much performance. I’ll put up the tunes I have on it now, which have seemed to improve it a little bit, at the cost of speed.

if someone could test drive it if possible, that’d be great. Don’t know how that works, i have never been here before. thanks

the car is just what you said…hard to handle. too heavy, too much power and I’m not a fan of the 7? 8speed tranny. I gave up on it and I really wanted to make it work. the car itself…not your tune

I’ll tune it tonight and let you know what’s up. What Class are you using it for?

Class R