Fully Ghosted Ranked Racing

Please someone consider this seriously. I have posted it in the wishlist thread but it gets burried under 7 year old player requests for things like a Tec 9 and Jet Pack.

The fixes for online adventure have been a real improvement, but a new much more infuriating kind of griefing has been born.

I have in numerous occasions found myself slammed into walls and still pushed wide of checkpoints.

The only way to fix this is fully ghosted racing. Not only does this ensure true skill will always win and that the trash suffer, it will also raise the standard of racing in this game massively.

It’s a monumental win win. If any of the community would like to see this implemented please like the comment as a show of support. Likewise if you have a counter argument or idea please do post it in the thread.


If they did what you ask, and also allowed a choice of just road/street, i.e. no freeroam rush, I’d possibly start to prefer it over GT Sport.

If you get to double post about something you want then everyone else who’s posted in the wish lists thread should be able to come back and create a new thread about what they want too, which would just bury your thread behind multiple pages of threads.

If you’d like to reach the developers directly you can submit a feedback ticket at the Support link.