'Full of zest' achievement is impossible

Please, someone tell me how to do it?

  • Tune up the Peel P50 (I’ll bet there’s a bunch of user tunes for this achievement available)
  • Some luck
  • Liberal use of the rewind feature to make course adjustments through the trees (Trailblazer doesn’t auto-fail if you rewind)

I did it last night. Took me about 20 minutes, before I finally managed to pull off a perfect line through the trees. Hardest part was just trying to keep the Peel in a straight line, because it tends to want to spin out at the slightest provocation after you’ve souped it up.

For a while, I was basically doing this:

Drive into tree > Rewind > Drive into same tree > Rewind > Drive into different tree > Rewind > Get a little deeper in, then drive into another tree > Rewind > Drive into the first tree again



Check youtube, but yes, this achievement is not easy to get…

I’m looking forward to this one. Of course, I’ve already made the P50 nearly driveable when engine swapped and upgraded, which may help me out. A key part of taming it is making it FWDish. It still gets squirrelly with collisions, though.

Tuning is huge - Dont max it out either. No need for that extra power and making it S class.

Plenty of tunes available you can install - I have the one shared I beat it with. (soft suspension - FWD characteristics etc)

As mentioned a little luck and lots of rewinding.

Head through the gate and down the hill down the road a little bit and there is a trail (dirt - like an ATV trail) that goes between that road and the road where the finish is.

The 3 places of challenge are: down the initial hill, trail entrance, trail exit hill. Accomplishing those without spinning out the rear and you’ll stick the time.


It can also help if you use a manual gearbox, get into the highest gear quickly, and then keep it there. This reduces some wheelspin problems. However, as everyone else says, the main factors are practice, luck and lots of rewind. Took me about 20 minutes - very frustrating, but you’ll be chuffed when you do it!

It’s one of those achievements that are just pure luck

Found it quite easy TBH. When approaching the forest a bit on the left side is an opening. Just go through there, abusing the rewind, then turn towards the right.

Hi all,

Try my “crazy p50” tune. It should help for those who are struggling. Got it in a couple of minutes.

As others have said, manual gears, top it to a class only, use rewind.

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Absolutely piece of cake. You need good tune. No engine replacement, just tune handling. Try my tune “Tato 790709”.

Did it on second try, via dirty road on the left of the forest.

I think the most frustrating part for me was not having a clear mark to aim for. I’d get a glimpse of a mark at the start, then I’d be flying blind until exiting the forest. Then I’d clip the green smoke and it wouldn’t count so I’d have to rewind far enough to change my exit and I’d hit the crumbly wall and the green smoke on the other side and it wouldn’t count the finish. Then I’d finally get it to count and would be a couple of tenths too slow. One of my attempts I guess I rewound too much because the Trailblazer guy said something about ‘I know you’ve got to scout a trail, but this is getting ridiculous’ and cancelled that run.


I finally did it today with my own set up, and it took the best part of an hour and many failed attempts. Basically I swapped the engine and fitted off-road race tyres (or tires), a race diff, set diff lock on the rear wheel acceleration to 100%, then changed AWD bias to 70/30 front/rear which makes it a LOT less of a handful, (move the slider to the left until it reads 30%). Everything else was stock.

At the gate where the trail through the forest starts, there is a telegraph pole directly opposite. Aim for that as you can see it from quite far off, turn left through the gate and it’s pretty much a straight run through the trees to the finish. The only thing that might trip you up is the sideways slope at the end of the trail. Rewind, adjust, infinitum ad nauseum…


Close to impossible LOL but I actually got it on the 2nd try after I maxed it out the power. I still cant believe it, dont know exactly how I did but I did overuse that rewind. I guess the key would be to feather the gas. If you floor it you’ll spin out

As others mentioned abuse the rewind. Took me about 10-15 mins. For me the hardest part was is to get far enough so when you rewind you are already through the first slope. Navigating through the trees is a trial and error, then the last slope if you are fast enough and the angle is good, you can do it sideways you not necessarily have to worry about going straight.
Just check before finish if you see the time is not good, don’t cross the finish or else you have to do it all over again from the start. Rewinding after you finished wont put the checkpoint back, i made this mistake once, although i missed it only by 0.3 so i thought i will still make it.
Second time i made a 41.3 which was more or less a flawless run compared to my abilities.
As Swooshiain mentioned above manual gearbox helps against spinning out, as soon as you get a decent speed put it into 5th of 6th.

I’m impressed that people have troubles with this. Done this on first try with Toyota Baja and no rewinds.

you cant do it with the Toyota Baja, the achievement requires you to get 3 stars in a Peel 50


LOL I didnt wanna be the one to point it out to them! THANK YOU

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Except to get the “Full of Zest” achievement, you have to do it in the Peel P50.

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So achievement is not equal to just beating it up to 3 star. Ok then.
My game is not in english so it’s hard to keep up with termins (I’m not englishman either).
I also was one step away from asking why all of you are trying to do it with Peel, lol.

Can I see full achievements list somewhere in game?

I managed to get this in a few minutes but I got VERY lucky, which is pretty much what this achievement boils down to. :joy:

Once you get a good run off the hills just feather the throttle and steering and hope the little car goes in the right direction. Rewind is your best friend!