Fuji R8 LMS Challenge

Right chaps , as mentioned in a previous post , here is the Fuji R8 LMS challenge . The course , is Fuji Stage B reverse and the car , obviously , is the Audi R8 LMS . The tune and paint to be used are available on my SF now . I have set a time to beat of 2:33:417 ( Replay on my SF )Save any replays under the name Fuji R8 challenge .Anyone beating my time will get 5M and a car of their choice ( non DLC ) Here is a few pics of the car to use . . .

If you choose to you can also try the full reverse course as another challenge , i managed a time of 8:06:xxx ( dirty ) if you can beat that time i will throw 10 M your way .

So far a 2:39.917 just under a second off my time with the Scooby. Not tried the full lap yet.

Keep at it Wan , maybe get a new PB with the R8 !!!

I was surprised how competetive it was in comparison to the top leaderboard cars tbh . As i mentioned in other thread , i got a time that would have been good for 340 odd on the leaderboard , out of some 140 thousand . For a car that was meant for the likes of Road America and not mountain passes , i think its a great wee tune ,.

We ran this last night and Rose surprized me with a clean lap…not as fast as 8.08.xxx.
I was doing well…but I had a curve get in my way and threw my pace off a bit!
So now I HAVE to post a clean time or NEVER hear the end of it! Lol…
So look out Rosie! It is on now! Lol…

Thanks for hosting this challenge …

I’m in on this! Haven’t hot lapped in a while… Glad to see people still like fm 4. I’ll be running it right now -UPDATE! 2:31.168 I forgot how to save… Not giving me option to save it #229. Good car guys… A little stiff for this track. I don’t need any prizes for the run… Just love hotlappin!

Got a pb of 2:38.800. it is a nice tune and a nice paint job as well. more practice needed i think.

Nuggies , great time there , thank you for trying out the tune .

WTG Wan Ge , nice one , what sort of times is the Mrs getting btw ???

Do either of you two have a fav car /track combo , i could set up a challenge for you sometime if you like . . .

How about another nurburgring stages challenge a,b,c,or d i don’t mind which.

Sorry Wan , i got you mixed up with Evercool !!!

I just happen to be working on a tune for the #8 Gallardo - do you have that car ( its DLC ) . I got two new PB’s today on The Ring stages A and C with the new tune . If you havent , i can sort another car to use in a day or two , maybe even use the R8 LMS if you wish !!!

I’ll run anything u got until I have no time left lol… Btw voldemortt, I added u as a friend on xbl… Not to many people to talk to on forza 4 these days…

I accepted your FR earlier , nuggies . I usually drive mainly R3 and R2 , but have been known to drop down into A and S class on occasion . I even ran a B class P2P tourny that got 4 top 100 times a few months back . You can try that out if you like , the tune is still on my SF . If you like i can post the details again if you like ( i have forgotten them at the min but can find out easily enough once im back on the xbox )

Hi Volds, I don’t have the dlc for the #08 Gallardo. Anything else would be fine. The B class point to point sounds interesting, I think I missed that one.