Fuel Mileage in Horizon 2... FOR SCIENCE! [UPDATED]

My friend and I decided to test fuel consumption in Horizon 2. We found 2 cars (me in the LFA, him in the C4 Vette) that you can read the fuel gauge in. Apparently, after doing multiple laps around the track and hundreds of up and down up and down of the straight-a-way, the LFA burns fuel much faster than the Vette. The Vette had a few upgrades and we both drove within a mile or so of the same total distance. Also, the Vette wears its front tires down faster. Some interesting findings.

Not sure how Forza calculates its fuel mileage, but I assume it is through how many miles it is distance wise that the car drives. We only managed to reach half on the gauge after about an hour of constantly driving, but I later attempted the Bowler and after 20 minutes it hardly looked like it budged.

We came to the realization that I believe Playground Games/Turn 10 put the size of the fuel tank into the game’s fuel consumption because the Vette is supposed to have a 19 gallon fuel tank in real life, and the LFA a 16 gallon tank. Also, I wonder if anything to do with mpg was added. Probably not, but it would be cool. The Bowler has a large racing fuel cell, probably the reason it barely moved on the screen.

When we have a full 2 hours or more to spend, we will actually try to run out of fuel and see what happens later. But are there any cars that have less than 16 gallons with a readable fuel tank in game? Has anyone actually managed to run out of fuel in game?

So I just pulled out the Ariel Atom as others have recommended. Well, I managed to hit 0.0 out of my 11.2 gallon tank in 105 miles (according to the mileage counter on the dash which is accurate when comparing to the runway mile). I did not run out of gas, however. I got to 120 miles and still kept going at 0.0. So unless they recreated a 2 gallon reserve like the average tank, it isn’t possible.

However, this means that this car averaged 9.3 mpg technically. My friend managed 268 miles before hitting what should be Empty in his Corvette C4. That is, assuming it has the real life 19 gallon tank, about 14 mpg. Maybe Turn 10 added the mpg they got when testing and running the data for these vehicles? Who knows. But the Ariel doesn’t have a real life mpg and the Vette’s is supposed to be somewhere in the realm of 20 mpg.


I never thought about fuel, I’m sure the fuel mileage on my tuned Bugatti veyron cannot be that good , especially how i drive it !!
it has never run out yet after cruising with friends and many drag races with friends for a few hours at a time, the tank must be pretty empty now tho me thinks ^^

It only works if your damage is in Simulation Fuel and Tire Wear mode in the Difficulty Settings.

aha! I’m in cosmetic only mode, that’s why, sorry my bad

According to James May, that pink monster would use up a full tank in just 12~15 minutes if you drive like your hair is on fire.

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WOW, it’s just as well I’m in cosmetic mode pheww

Try the Atom. Think that’s an 11 gallon tank with a digital fuel level read out that counts down

This is the car most folks used for the run out of gas achievement in FM5. If I recall, it takes about 40min flat out on the Indy oval in that game, so just running up and down the highway in FH2 should take maybe an hour or so.

I’m curious how far you could make it with the Tesla S. It’s rated for 200 miles at highway speed on flat roads, but I bet going flat out through through the windy roads you’d kill the battery pretty quick.

The Caterham has a 20 Litre fuel tank according to the game, it’s displayed on the digital readout like the Atom. From the very quick test I just did, I drove just over 7 miles and I got down to 19 litres. So, looks like you’d have to blast up and down the motorway and do 140 miles to run out of fuel. Might try this some time

Probably cost £7 just to turn the key LOL

I finished my run in the Ariel Atom. Took me around an hour but did not actually run out of gas. I did hit 0.0 however.

can you even run out of gas in Horizon 2?

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It’s a game with contents that somewhat resemble real life environments using models/physics to resemble the laws of physics as we know them. I am highly unaware of the interview with Microsoft/T10 where it states that FH2 is the most accurate and closest to real life driving simulator. Based on this, I would only suggest that your findings (and here is your contact with the real world) can vary and past results are no indication of future performance.

But hey, all real life cars are tested under almost illegal circumstances to polish their spec-sheets concerning mpg, emissions and what not; no test whatsoever outside these laboratories will replicate those given values ever.

You mean I can’t do this stuff IRL? Man, there go my weekend plans. Guess I’ll return this stolen Pagani…

starts stripping off “PWNGANI” spraypainted on car


Annoyingly it does not seem like you can run out of fuel. Tried, didn’t work. Ran the virtual tank on empty for a while and it didn’t run out. I was online, my friend was on Solo and he couldn’t get the car to die either.

The c4 vette May list 20mpg irl… But that is assuming normal driving. Not hooning the crap out of it with high rpms, high speed etc. if you recall, the 1 gallon of gas top gear episode, the cars all got low single digits.

So is there fuel comsumption on the xbox one version ? how do you fill up with petrol , or does it fill up when you go into the hubs ? I am on 360 so.

There is no refuel, I think it is a cosmetic touch the fuel thing.

Does the car get lighter?

I’ve always wondered that. However, I doubt that it does just because it’s just a cosmetic thing.