[FTI] Photographer: Novux


First Post

“Soon”. Thanks for all the kind words, guys. Music at the bottom of this post.

The more I look, the more the watermark seems ridiculously large and unnecessary. Oh well.

Music: Jaytech - Pyramid


All I have to say is one thing. Woohooo!

yes yes yes yes

Yes!!! Can’t wait (:

YOSHHH!!! (It means “Yeah” or “Alright” in Japanese)



Viciously hits the refresh button.

I hope the first update will be released very soon.

Rust? What rust?


The contrast and lighting works perfectly with the layout in this shot. :slight_smile:


You guys are great.

The one Viper pointed out is sublime!

Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long compared to update #1.

i really like this one. The blackness of night contrasting to the red glow of the tail lights is excellent.