[FTI] Aztech Photo || IRL / Checking In - May, 2017

This is gonna be a bio or welcome mat or something, idk.

I’m pretty rusty, but here’s my first set of Horizon 3, enjoy!

Thanks for looking!

That looks fantastic.

Well there’s a name I haven’t seen in a while, welcome back :slight_smile: Really like the angle in the last shot.

It is good to have you back.

As you scroll through your page, each shot seems to get better and better. The ending happens to be my favorite good sense of action without overdoing the shutter speed, therefore keeping the detail high, very nice!

Nice stuff man

great job man, lovely set all around!

That second to last shot is simply amazing, love it

Wow, this gallery fizzled fast lol. Thanks to everyone who checked out my few photos of Horizon 3 :slight_smile: I was at a car show called Waterwerks Spring Edition in Vancouver, Washington on Sunday and took quite a few photos along with some video so I figured I’d check in and see how the community was doing. Hope all is well with everyone, enjoy! (I was admittedly a bit ham-fisted when it came to editing these in lightroom so apologies for the instagrammy cringe-factor)


Hopefully we will see some more FH3 shots from you before FH3 releases or just after. :slight_smile:

Beautiful shots! I went to Waterwerks last year, and that E30 is stunning!

I hope life hasn’t been too busy for you.