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Welcome to my Forza Horizon 2 gallery!

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2nd place in Morc57’s Vertigo photocomp

I’ve had a great time playing FH2 these past two days (I might have flipped the Huracán in the first drive to the festival but never mind about that) and here are my first photos!

Those last two photos are why I absolutely adore this game at night.

A great start to your gallery, I agree night shots are awesome in this game, as is the rain. So good! This image ‘jumped’ out at me, see what I did there?? Good stuff!

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Digging it! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for shots

Looks incredible as usual. Looking forward to the next content update from you.


Love this shot!

Awesome start to the gallery man! Night + rain = pure dopeness!

Thanks everybody!

Thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

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Wow to everything. I LOVE those shots with the hot air balloons in the background. These two shots are so good! I don’t know where you took the shots of the Donkervoort (love that name!) but that looks like a really call place.

Great work!

Love this one. Reminds me of one of the GT homespaces. Game looks really nice in pictures…

Great gallery! It’s hard to pick my favorite when I like all of them for different reasons.

Last window shot is sexy!

Thanks guys! The last two photos of the Donkervoort were taken in a shed type building near where one of the demo races were. I can make a clip of where it is if you want.

Last 2 shots blow my mind, and really liking the lighting on the Donkervoort with the brake lights. Keep it up!


Really nice shot, Viper! ^-^

Hey viper, real good stuff in there! I realy love the 2 Audi pics!

Thanks Mizuchii and Patrick :slight_smile: