FTC | The Viper's Den | September 26th | PC48 Win / Triple Threat Saleen Finale / Demo / FM6 Journey

Hi everyone, and welcome to my gallery! My name is Nights Viper, or Jacob if you prefer. I used to go by the name of Legomaster909 before the forums were updated. Forza Motorsport 3 was my first Forza game but I didn’t start getting into Forzatography until Forza Motorsport 4 and the original Forza Horizon. Tons of great advice from the community members like Furia636, LazarusJackson, Pebb and SuspectThrone59 (there were many more), and a few years of practice, made me the Forzatographer I am today. I would like to thank all of you for supporting me through the years and I look forward to being here for many more!

If you are new and want to see how supportive this community is, I recommend you read on from this post.
This is truly the best community I’ve ever been apart of and I thank everyone here
for the support they have given me.

My Cancer Story


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I hope you enjoy my photos, and thank you for visiting!


Official Photocomp Wins

Colors | Photocomp 1 Winner

Taken | Photocomp 2 Winner

The Beach | Photocomp 8 Winner

Blending In | Photocomp 9 Winner

Cold Cat | Photocomp 13 Winner

Finding Warmth | Photocomp 15 Win

Night on the Town | Photocomp 16 Win

Honey, I’m Home | Photocomp 17 Win

Rock ★ Energy | Photocomp 18 Win

Getting Out | Photocomp 19 Win

These Lines | Photocomp 20 Win

Guiding Lights | Photocomp 23 Win

Moving Forward | Photocomp 26 Win

Track Day | Photocomp 32 Win

Summer | Photocomp 38 Win

Twists and Turns | Photocomp 39 Win

Starstruck | Photocomp 40 Win

Rush | Photocomp 41 Win

Flood | Photocomp 44 Win

Squeeze | Photocomp 48 Win

Cold Blue | Photocomp 50 Win

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Community Photocomp Podiums

Beach Day | 2nd Place Tie with swtluu21 in V8 Gorilla’s Beach Day Photocomp

Eye Colorless | 1st Place in Week 1 of iHomie OG’s Biweekly Photocomp

Morning Drive | 1st Place in Week 3 of iHomie OG’s Biweekly Photocomp

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I hope you enjoyed!


Cant wait to see everything you can do when FH3 drops!!

rly nice

Gorgeous demo shots Viper :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Ltsdrft, innercy and Hooker! I’ll be updating this tomorrow morning with new photos!

Beautiful stuff! Especially the shot on the festival grounds!

Thank you Homie!

These are my photos from day one.

Thanks for visiting!


Fantastic shots!

Wow, great work. I’m a big fan of colorful shots.

You’re making me jealous! STAHP IT! :frowning:

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Honestly your gallery was one that kinda of inspired me to buck up and get back on this horse lol I’m usually more of a fan of the darker style but something about you’re choice of colors brings a refreshing blast to my eyes like mint would to a mouth idk how to describe it lol. Keep it man because it’s galleries like yours that push everyone else to step up their game and originality, can’t wait to see what’s to come in your next set


My favourite has to be the fourth shot with shot 3 in a close second. :slight_smile:

@Korniis: Thank you!

@FreddyRacer1985: Thanks! They are one of my favorite types of photos :slight_smile:

@Hachikata: Can’t stahp, won’t stahp :stuck_out_tongue:

@MasterAlphaBeta: Wow :smiley: I really appreciate that! I’m glad I could inspire you!

@Pebb: Much appreciated! I know you like your zoomed out shots :wink:

New photos tomorrow!

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My thoughts exactly, those and the warthog shot are just excellent

Thanks Sergi0 :smiley:

Once in a while you may see an edit from me!

The Rare Edit


Thank you for stopping by! More to come soon.


^ My favorites so far. The cave one is very cool!

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