[FTC] Sergio's Shots.~Out of the wilderness~

See you soon

65 Mustang, Hoons and randoms.



Take it steady :slight_smile:

Finally :slight_smile:

Loving the Mustang shots.

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Thanks mate. I apologise for not visiting your gallery and other’s yet.

Amazing start!!! I like them all honestly!!

Great Start and a good choice of car Sergio, a lovely Ford Mustang. I look forward to many more, keep them coming :wink:

I like them all! But that mustang rear light is e treat :smiley:

Ohhhhh… Perfect!

Many thank’s for the nice comments my friends.

A mixed bag…

Cheer’s my dears

Those truck shots are amazing!!!

woop woop! Those Volvos! :smiley: But… don’t freak out. Those isnt my favorite. Truck tire shot thingy is. Bravo!

Loving those Sergio! Especially that last one, it looks like the car is on ice! Great effect.

Nice gallery Sergio! Those old F1 photos are awesome!

Everytime I see this shot it is so diffcult for me to take my eyes off it. :slight_smile:

Thank you again lads :slight_smile:

Brace yourselves, I’ve been trigger happy…

Couldn’t decide which I preferred, so here’s both…

I really should of split that lot into two or more sets, but never mind :wink:

The Nissan 370 and the Miura!!! But my god those 370 shots blew me away the first time I saw them. Amazing stuff!!!

Mx-5 and the miura steal the show for me, nicely done bud :slight_smile:

Thank you lads it’s very much appreciated.

Mercedes #63 M-B C 9


And a win in PC5 with this one :slight_smile:

Take it steady

F1 shots are awesome !!! That second shot of them battling those back wheels are PHAT!!!

Also congrats well deserved win !!

You’ve made it not easy to pick a favorite with your latest bunch. The first 3 are absolute gems!