FTC I Christo / Try Hard / 04/20

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This was yours???

I saw it on flickr and was actually doubting if it was FH3. Lol. Amazing pic Christo.

Obligatory first comment.


Nobody can even come close to your magnitude of skill. Phenomenal set!

If BMW ever need a promo shoot, they know where to go.

The mood and layout in this shot does it for me compared to the other shots. With the last one in a close second.

Thank Hatchi & Pebb. =)

Agreed. Incredible work mate.


Simply stunning!
Your IRL shots are awesome, too. Great style.

Thank you Viper. =)

Rear shot of the RB GT86 is perfect, reminds me of something straight out of a magazine.

Spectacular stuff here!

Nuttin’ but quality.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with next.

Thank you everyone!

Pebb, That comes, but it is not Forza… =)

It is an update reserved for the real photography.

Beautiful :slight_smile:

Amazing work, both the forza and IRL stuff!

+1, I’m amazed how you manage to pull such amazing shots time and time again…

Stunning! Both IRL and in-game.