FTC 4.9 Results Question

So I put in all needed info and the spreadsheet spits out my numbers to tune. As I put them in I notice some are a bit off. The ARB setting comes as a three digit setting (ex: xxx.xx) but in Forza it is only a two digit setting (ex: xx.xx). How do I make it spit out the correct setting?

Another issue is most the time the Spring setting is near the max or above what I can set it too, should I just use the formula for that instead?

Lastly, how does FTC compare to ForzaTune 4 app for the iPhone? The settings for camber/toe/caster are pretty similar, but the settings in question above come out vastly different and seem to be more inline with what the should be.

Should I be using one tool over the other? Or a combo of both? Thanks in advance for the help!

I do not use the ForzaTune4 app. The FTC is done by Slave Munky and not ForzaTune 4.

Make sure you have the Lateral G’s entered right. There is a period (.) after the 1st number. ie: “1.075”
There were Diff Corrections made in the last version in April 2014.

Maybe you need to redownload the latest FTC version to make sure.

I have seen this on certain cars too (regular Diablo for example)

Just gotta work around it.

This question was asked in another thread and I totally forgot to respond. My apologies!!

First, verify that you have downloaded the correct file for the Excel version you are using. There are slight differences. If you have an older version you may have to enable the analytical tools in the spreadsheet itself. I know this was the case with the older versions of the TC. Note that Open Office is NOT officially supported by the TC, however, I use it myself and have not had any trouble so far.

Once you have this correct, check your ride height setting. All the suspension calculations are based off this so if it is not correct you will get unusable settings. This value is not calculated, it is set, so change it to something mid range of the actual game settings and see if that helps.

If that doesn’t work try changing the ride frequency (top right corner). I’ve never played with it myself, so admittedly can’t explain exactly what it does, but it does affect the suspension. I think if it’s too high you will again get numbers out of range. Try different settings until you get usable numbers.

I use the spreadsheet version. If I get oddball settings I go back over what I input first to make sure I did that right. Sometimes the ARB setting is still way out of whack even when everything else is gold and I seem to notice it mostly on heavier cars.

I go over to the far right where the advanced settings are and start tweaking the percentage settings down to get them in range of what FM4 is looking for. What I am looking for is getting the correct balance that the sheet was trying to produce between front and back but at a lower setting that I can dial in. To me it seems more logical to get the front/back balance than to just set both to max and hope for the best.
I suppose a good test would be whenever I get the odd settings would be to

I think its working pretty good for me as I enjoy driving the cars its tuned and notice an improvement in performance from stock settings but I’m not posting leader board times so your “mileage may vary” somewhat depending on what you are trying to accomplish. I am racing the AI at pro settings and winning so I must be doing something right.

Thanks for the replies, sorry I haven’t said much since posting, just recently had shoulder surgery and am now on vacation (super fun being on vacation with a shoulder injury sarcasm lol). Once I get back home I will try some of the things you guys suggested. Thanks for the responses, and once I try a few things I will report back!!