About “anything” regarding Turn 10 or FM5???

Go ahead… LET IT ALL HANG OUT!!!

Im frustrated with their fans/naysayers starting threads that can only go one way


What can I say??? I get on here once and voice my opinion in a post on issues that are “new to me” and because I didn’t have the time to scour the anus of the FM5 internet forums, my opinion is null and void, so you lock it??? Sorry bro, as crazy as it sounds, as a paying customer who’s invested money into your company’s venture since the beginning, I think its okay for me to have a voice occasionally.

Pssssttt it’s not WSD’s company. Unless he’s been holding out?

I didn’t lock it that time, and to be fair you didn’t voice any opinion on anything just invited others to voice theirs, possibly in the hope of causing a fuss I would guess but don’t worry Ill lock it this time.

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