Frustrated with Forza Support (Or lack thereof)

Last week I posted this thread :Game crashed and corrupted my save. Syncing from cloud gives me "the profile is no longer available" - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

As outlined in that thread I contacted Forza support with my details and save file and everything. How long does it usually take to answer these requests?

Ive also dm’ed NitroGlitter and responded to a thread to RetroKrystal and received no response, not even a sorry cant help you there.

Is this normal? I bought two copies of the ultimate edition of the game (one for me one for my brother) so its a bit of a let down after all this time to lose my save AND to get no support.

The team are getting through the tickets as quickly as they can and you should get a response soon regarding your query.

We are still trying to decrease the response time between a player submitting a ticket and the response/conclusion that a play receives.

We appreciate your patience. Thanks.