Frustrated Noobie

I am stuck racing in the rain at Sebring. I have won several times and have accumulated 142,000 points. How do i get out of the monsoon. Thanks

Do you mean the massive puddle that covers the whole track after the hairpin? Essentially, the only way you really can take it is to have the joystick (or wheel) all the way to the left whenever you go through that. Holding the clutch down (if you use clutch) over the puddle should help a bit as well. All of the other puddles you’re better off actively avoiding.

are you playing the single player? do you mean you cant move on to the next race ?

What AI difficulty do you have set? If you are having problem getting in top 3 to progress to next career track… consider setting the AI to a lower difficulty… this will give you a grid of lesser skilled Auto Inserted drivers to race against. Should help you to progress to next track.
Hope this helps…
If you get frustrated…go to rivals tab and scroll right to view all classes…pick a class and track…grab a car and run against leader board posted times…after setting a time you can pick your next driver from board and set as next rival or let game pick next above you automatically

What are you talking about? Only points I know of are via bowling. If that’s the issue, lower game difficulty but I don’t think bowling is on sebring.

So what are your talking about?

I struggled to get past Sebring in the wet too. Set the AI difficulty lower and also set AI Aggression off to keep them from popping you in the turns.

If you keep hammering at it and losing the game will try to have an “intervention” and ask you if you want to lower the AI difficulty eventually. Get past that and start winning too easily and another intervention pops up asking if you want to increase difficulty.

Is this Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One or Apex on Windows 10?