Frustrated and BOOOOORED

Am I the only one who is completely fed up with forza 5? Here are my issues:

  • why does it tell me what cars I own in my garage but not when I am searching for cars I want to buy?
  • how is it that swapping an AWD trans for a RWD trans actually makes the car heavier? (lancer evo VI GSR as one example)
  • how can cars of the same Class grade (A600) be so absolutely imbalanced?
  • why does your leader board show cars outside of the specified class running at the top (C-class event with R class cars in the lead)
  • WHY oh WHY isn’t there an open community. ( I miss the car shows and the cruises)
  • again WHY isn’t there an open community.
    *as a side note why do you have novelty cars that would never function in a race if you don’t have an open community to play around with them?
  • mind you I have been downloading the forza rewards to get the millions (thank you), but had I have not I am at lvl 68 in the game and have only collected 1.3 million (with most assists turned off) so at that lvl I still couldn’t buy some of your cars. Why??
  • I am bored of the tracks you’ve given us…I enjoyed ra for a while, but now I am bored of that too. If you know you are releasing a new game why would you worry about adding new tracks without putting the staple tracks in? There really is NO excuse for that
  • DLC cars should be cars that have never been in a game that you have made yet. Why are you playing catch-up and making us pay for it? Why are you making us pay for a 3000GT??? that is a staple Japanese sports car. Seriously?
  • Why is your throttle so far off on the controller? why is half of the stroke of the throttle trigger full throttle? I never had this issue with your previous games.

In short, why do you defend the lack of content with the “polish” of what you came out with? The fact of the matter is that there are so many flaws in what came out that I find it hard to believe that there was a lack of content in order to “polish” what you had. FIX IT! I can not stand playing this game any more. The pretty colors only last for so long before it starts to fade.

Please do a better job on the next title.


I haven’t bought the game yet so I can’t defend it really… But they did have to re-model all of the tracks and cars they do have for the next gen platforms. I know it takes a long time for this. I just hope they do catch up to Forza 4 content before they move on to Forza 6 development. I almost think it’s worth paying for this not so new content as DLC if it means it will ALL be included on the next title. (Although that far from guaranteed).

If this DLC does catch us up a bit, perhaps this will allow development time for new features such as weather, animated pit stops, day night transitions, etc…

They say that thy had to remodel every car, but I am having a hard time believing that. If they remodeled every car inside and out then why do the hoods only pop open for a handful of them? And they say that they had to add imperfections to each of the cars, but the problem is a lot of those “unique” imperfections are far from unique. They are streamlined across every car. The problem is that they are getting sloppy. We saw it with Forza horizon. (racing mods and such that were only in forza 4 for tuners being in the game and actually slowing the cars down because…you couldn’t tune) and adding cars in on dlc that were in previous games. They need to stop being sloppy because they are alienating their client base.

Of all of my complaints my biggest one is that they don’t have open community races. They say that they are all about their community, but that is what MADE the community. Open drifts without time limits, open lobbies, endless creativity…GONE.

oh I forgot one more thing while I am continuing my rant. HOW LONG IS THE MARKET PLACE GOING TO BE COMING SOON??? Its a blemish on the very first screen of the game letting you know that there isn’t much concern for the community.

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Fewer cars and tracks than even the original Forza Motorsport.

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The past may be underwhelming but I trust that “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

The future would be brighter if they just drop what ever they are doing and get started on forza 6 VERY soon so we can get a decent game. I feel like this one has just gone through the shredder

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They are and have been working on FM6. If you think about it everything they add to FM5 has been laser scanned and will prob be in the next FM6.

And if you are a lvl 68 you are just getting started and should have $2.04 to 4.08 million(depending on VIP or not) just from level up bonus not including race winnings, if my math is correct.

  1. Someone messed up while programming, ooops.
  2. To try and make it so RWD swaps didn’t dominate the LB’s, I think.
  3. Put an F50 up against almost any car and the F50 wins, some cars are faster than others that’s just life.
  4. A glitch, ooops.

Some of your complaints are already covered in various threads here, including the Forza Motorsport 5 Game FAQ - You’re asking questions already answered, so I would suggest you use SEARCH at the top of the forum before repeating items.

Um…actually most of my questions weren’t answered. They were side stepped. I’m not asking “if” I can or can not. I am asking WHY it is so…


and further, just because someone else has asked the question in the past doesn’t mean I can’t revisit them. If only one person says something they don’t have much concern to fix anything now do they…

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I agree that not seeing what cars you have when buying new ones is troublesome, and also the AWD/RWD swap seems odd too, but the rest of your post to me is screaming for me to call the WAHHHHHmbulance for you. If you are a true forza fan, then this game is great, just like the others. The physics are fine, just adjust to them, and as far as the low amount of tracks, who cares, its not like gears judgment (shipped with 4 multiplayer maps)