[FRS] FRS ElMutem Racing gallery

Hi to all! I´m waiting to the new fórums to create my FM5 gallery, here i´m post my designs and I try to keep this updated… hope you enjoy the visit!


FRS ElMutem Designs

Renault clio Red Bull

Red bull F1

Nissan GT-R Sun

Nissan 350z Evangelion Super Gt

Ferrari F12 Abu Dhabi

Citroën DS3 Rallycross Liam Doran

Ford Fiesta rallycross Marcus Gronholm

Hyundai Veloster Rallycross Rhys Millen

Mazda 3 The King of fighters S.Taikyu

BMW Z4 SuperGT Goodsmile Racing #4

Motul Mugen CRX

Mazda Rx8 PacMan S.Taikyu

Lamborghini Aventador titanfall

Ferrari F12 ForzaMotorsport Spain Contest

Astra VXR BTCC Kingdom Hearts

Holden Fallout Soloxboxone

Corvette ZR1 Spawn

500 Abarth Sunset Over-Drive


My Livery contest Winners

Mazda 3 The King of fighters S.Taikyu (Week J)

Mazda Rx8 PacMan S.Taikyu (week M)

BMW Z4 SuperGT Goodsmile Racing #4 (week N)

Lamborghini Aventador Titanfall (week P)

Astra VXR BTCC Kingdom Hearts (Week T)

Holden Fallout Soloxboxone (Week U)

Corvette Racing Spawn (week X)

500 sunset Over-drive (week Z)

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All great stuff here mate! I really love that Endless Nissan. Keep up the great work.

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Esta de PM! Estupendos diseños todos, enhorabuena.

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Great work mate :slight_smile:

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Hey bud! PLEASE put some more pics of the Mazda on. I have this car and it’s such a great paint it NEEDS to be shown off! :wink:

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Hi!! thank you all for the comments!! Totlxtc, i have updated the first post with more images of the Mazda…

Nice new mazda! These liveries are incredible.

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These look like they are awesome. I only say it like that because all the pics are so skewed! Lets get some clean right angle shots. Would reallt show off your quality work. As it is I am off to the goofy sharefront to get a few of these fine works.

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Mazda is a stand out fav [y] keep them coming!


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Thanks to all!! next time I put better photos XD


All beautiful designs, all, but KOF design featuring Mai Shiranui is awesome. Love her :slight_smile:

see you later my friend :slight_smile:

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Hi Punny!! I’m Happy you like the Mazda! Here is a preview of my next livery!! Still a lot of work to do…

Looking amazing so far mate! This is great, your anime stuff is incredible. I can’t wait to see this complete mate.

Thanks Ace!! Hope I can finish her this week…

Hi to all! Finally I finished the goodsmile #4 z4 GT3 SuperGT, Hope you like it! Here leave some Photos of it:

Simply awesome my friend!!

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That is just ridiculous, the best I can muster when it comes to people is a stick figure! How you can pull that off, I don’t even know. Absolutely stunning job here mate! Your anime paints are the cream of the crop, I can’t wait to give this baby a go. Excellent job!

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very nice designs buddy

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